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First of it's kind, as far as I know!  In January we had a meet up at the 1863 Cafe in Eagle, Wis.  for seasoned riders to grab a coffee and have riders interested in endurance ask questions.  It was so well attended, and received that we decided to host an additional meet up on February 1st at the 1863 Cafe.  Very informal, everyone grab a coffee, introduce themselves and ask a burning question they had about distance riding.  Our first meeting was roughly 22 riders and the second meeting was over 30 riders.   This was an inspirational sight for me to see so many riders enthusiastic about distance riding.  Click on this link to find our conditioning group online:


These were the only two meet ups we are having for now, though we are having a conditioning group to that will be meeting from April thru to July.  The conditioning group will be building up our horses over a 12 week time frame in preparation for the novice level event that will be at WARHORSE.  This is a unique opportunity to put a date  for yourself & your horse to meet up on a regular schedule to condition.  


As you may have read in my blog, Miles & Miles of Grace, there was so much more that I gained by keeping an appointment with myself & Grace, it has forever changed my relationship with her, those times of hauling out together to build her up physically, were also times that built up not just her muscles, it also built the bond between us as horse & rider and built some of the most memorable moments I made in 2019.  


I don't like to admit it, though sometimes there are days that it is hard to transition out of where you are to where you are supposed to be.  Why are easiest appointment to cancel are the ones you make for yourself?  


The purpose of WARHORSE conditioning group is to to provide a predetermined outline, a 12 week conditioning plan, so that you can meet up with like minded riders and make an appointment to keep with you & your horse to work towards this new adventurous goal of distance riding together.  


You are welcome to join us!  Find a pen, pencil or marker, your 2020 calendars & promise yourself that this is  the year you put an appointment with you & your horse actually on the calendar and keep it. 


In our facebook group we have each conditioning meet up scheduled as an event. With the mileage & location listed for each conditioning scheduled.  Riders are to be on their own at home or on trails for 30 minutes to an hour twice per week,  and then joining us on the weekend for the scheduled conditioning.  Click on the pdf for a printable link  about the type of conditioning we will be doing:

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