Paying It Forward

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It is my passion to help animals in shelters with my photography. If we can help shine a good light on them & get them into homes more quickly then I consider myself successful. We share such a short time here on this earth, let's do all the good we can by all the means we can for as long as we can. 



As a young girl I loved showing horses, a lot of work went into just being able to afford to show, there was no money left over to purchase a show photo.  Then something lovely happened, a fellow 4-H member's father had a camera and a talent for photography.  Once in awhile he would attend a show  give us professional quaility images from the shows.   I was, and am so thankful to him.  That was the first glimer I had at the power of photography as a gift. 


Years later when I met my husband he had a very nice film camera and I began photographing horses and friends and giving the images away.  This was the first way I began to pay it forward with photography.   



My interest in animal shelters began at age 16 when I was a member of a local 4 H club & was asked by my trainer to help with a local horse that had been rescued.  This was my introduction to the world of humane societies and animals shelters.   While I volunteered with that particular horse, I had also returned on a visit years later and adopted from the same shelter in Ohio.


Years had passed, though my interest in helping horses and other animals stayed strong as ever.  Soon I found myself following several rescues online and donated to help rescue a truck load of horses in Copiah County, MS just before Christmas 2014, and have enjoyed learning of some of the horses that were rescued there and following their success on Facebook, especially one named Merlin.  It was such a blessing to have his new owner document their journey.


 Through following so many pages about rescue on facebook, it eventually led to an organization that gives back by photographing the animals in shelters awaiting adoption.  After seeing the pairing of photography with rescues it started to be odvious to me that I could once again help shelters by using my photography skills.  Photography at humane societies and shelters is something I am actively pursing and am so happy to be once again, paying it forward. Currently donating sessions to the Humane Society of Southern WI & the Humane Society of Jefferson County. 


Sometimes an image really can change a life forever.




I would like to post this pic of a different kind of rescue.  This is image is of Midnight.

She is my mother's pug- and has a miraculous ability to sense when my Mom's bloodsugars are too 

high and has awaken her on more than one occassion to check her bloodsugars.  Midnight is a pug that

rescues her human.  With animals capable of such love & commitment- can't we all find it in our hearts to 

give back to humane societies & shelters?  If not adopt, donate, if not donate volunteer.  

Thank you for taking  the time to read my story.  And God Bless Midnight.  


She is the one rescuing.   


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*Please note the pets listed here may have been adopted please visit the humane society site stamped on the image  to check on their status.