About Christina

Christina Hyke & Karino's Fire

Photo Proudly take by Harlyne J. Hyke

Chris' 11 year old son

Christina Hyke hosts the popular Endurance Horse Podcast featured on apps such as iTunes, Podbean,  Spreaker and iHeart Radio.  Chris is also a southern Wisconsin Equine & Pet photographer who donates her time to Veterans, shelters, rescues and to helping 4H members learn more about photography and distance riding.   Chris and her family enjoy participating in local 5k runs, even if they turtle it by finishing last.  Chris met the love of her life, Jim, when they were both serving in the United States Army Reserves as 88M (truck drivers).  It wasn't long after they met that they were married and have been together 28 years.  

Chris is originally from a small town in Ohio, and while it may have taken awhile for this momma to get her degree in photography, she finally did from Madison College.   Capturing memories in the form of images and sound has become a passion for Chris, and hence the two mediums on this website, both the images and the audio that both go along with the strong belief that the only thing we truly take with us and also leave behind in this world are relationships.


Chris' love for all things horses started at a young age, and as she likes to say, she was riding even before she was born, as her mother always rode a big appaloosa gelding.  Chris was given her first pony by her Great Grandmother & purchased her second pony with her own money when she was still in the first grade.

Chris is known for her patience & love for animals.  If you would like to be part of the Endurance Horse Podcast, email endurancehorsepodcast@gmail.com

If you would like to book a photography session with Chris, email her at christinahyke@gmail.com