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Tabasco & Gizmo

Yesterday Jim & I had the privilege of driving to Kenosha to photograph these two pups, Tabasco & Gizmo. These two lovely gents had recently moved from sunny Las Vegas to our the wintery state of Wisconsin. The main purpose of their session was to get a jump on the Christmas card season & get some images of these dashing gents to grace the cards. Gizmo is a French Bulldog, Tabasco is a Schnoodle.

One thing I immediately admired about these two guys, is that they had matching ties! (I think I need a lead on where to get some of these!) You will have to follow the link to see how handsome Gizmo looks in his red tie, somehow I could imagine Gizmo in a upscale Casino in his red tie, he looked quite formal and dashingly handsome, dignified.

Gizmo ©Christina Hyke 2017

We hauled our studio gear to their temporary home, and set up in the garage for this session, their family is building a new home, and are hoping to move into it by Thanksgiving! It was raining out, though even so as we were working the neighbors stopped by to watch the photo session, and these two dogs were posing like movie stars! Working with these two gentlemen was like working with pro models! Both of them knew their cues to stay put and listened to NG perfectly! Since Jim & I often work alone with dogs at the shelter, we were feeling spoiled by how perfectly these two sat.

As always it is especially nice to get to know the dogs & their humans as the pets that get to be the star of the day, and it was great to get to spend some time with NG. I can't imagine what it is like to move from a desert to Wisconsin! NG was amazing to work with, she knew her dogs so well and I could tell they had an amazing relationship with each other. Tabasco quickly knew the chair was the magical place to get treats at, and leapt up like a deer for his photos to be taken, and sat like a prince. Gizmo knew the magic chair was the place to be too, he also knew that NG was the person to get him there! He absolutely knows when she is going to lift him up, and was too adorable as he positioned himself to be picked up and gently placed on the chair. I love watching people interact with their pets, the depth of relationship we as people can have with our pets is truly moving.

It never ceases to amaze me the interesting difference in animal personalities. Gizmo is Mr. laid-back & friendly, the greeter at the door. Tabasco was less trusting of us at first and was more guarded until he got to know us, though really, more accurately, his guard was down once NG had the treat jar open! Tabasco knew this was a photo session, and it was like he knew he was now the star. Gizmo seemed to know when the session was done. As I often do, I wear knee pads for kneeling during the session, and I have a rug to lay on for when I am photographing on the ground. As I was laying on the ground at the end of his session, Gizmo lovingly walked over & licked me on the nose! And then again on the cheek! So maybe that is his stamp of approval on how the session went!

As always, feeling blessed to get to work with such amazing hearts! Both human and dog! This session was a reminder to me of the love that pets bring into our lives and it is always brilliant to see such love in a home. Tabasco's photo featured here is in his formal red tie, and Gizmo is sporting his peaceloving nature through his peace symbol tie. To see Gizmo in his dashing red tie, you click on their photo to see their online gallery.

Tabasco ©Christina Hyke 2017

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