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I Love the Light

Catching the details in the light of nature is one way I find wonder and joy in the world.  The times when the light is leaving, and seems to be kissing the world goodnight, and also the way light dances on the dew on a cool fall morning.  Everything we see is painted and grown with light, and to me it is truly magical, and more than just a great source of vitamin D.  Yes, I do love the shine, and the sparkle.  I especially love those times out on the water kayaking at sunset, or the way the cottonwood floats in the sunlight towards evening.  And of course, those rare and glorious moments on a good horse riding through the heart of the forest in the hour right before sunset when everything seems to glow, float and dance in the lowering light.  I relish those times of early morning endurance rides when a cool morning meets the warmth of earth and light, so many glorious memories of galloping at sunup with wisps of fog all around me and light streaming through the trees.  Yes, light is truly magical, and I try to take special notice of it every day.  Paying close attention to the beauty in light is truly one thing I can say that I have done every day of my life, I look to the beauty in light, and I notice how especially gloriously it shines the closer it is to the edge of night.  And I especially love to lay on my back and gaze up at the stars.

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