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Equine Partnership Books

Horses.  We invest our time, money and hearts into our horses.  Often the time we feel most ourselves, can be when seen through the eyes of our horses. 


Celebrate this connection and the significant place which your horses hold in your life's journey.  Let this connection be recorded in the creation of a unique book that will reflect the place in time you and your horses share together.  A record for future generations.


The images created from our session can be brought together into a book to celebrate this connection. 


Books can be a smaller project, and do not have to entail multiple sessions, though multiple sessions are an option if you so chose.  Please feel free to contact me and ask about the creation of a special project for you.   


 Multiple sessions enjoy a theme such as following a foal throughout the year, a mature horse through seasons of the year, or training through competition.  Images can be combined from first session to many cataloged over the course of multiple years.  


Creation of a basic book includes the one *session price.

Book pricing includes the session, editing and the book.

Books start at $550.00**


Book projects can vary in length, from a basic 20 page small book, to triple that size and beyond.  Book sizes can vary from 8 x 8 and as few as 20 pages to as large as 11 x 13 and dozens of pages.  Sizes, sessions and quaility of paper predict the cost, contact us for an estimate. 

*A multiple session book would cost an addtional $99.00 for each addtional session to be added to the book. 


**Prices are estimated for within 50 miles of 53549 zip code. 


Books can be a smaller project,  and do not have to entail multiple sessions.  

Please feel free to ask me about the creation of a special project for you.




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